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Wage theft, which can take many forms, is becoming a big problem for non-union San Franciscans who work in residential and commercial construction. But union workers aren’t immune from these exploitative practices, either. The pandemic has only made the problem worse, thanks to the many shutdowns, slowdowns, and lost opportunities suffered during the past 16 months.

SF Labor Council Community Services Director Tom Ryan and Program Director Carlos Porras founded We Rise SF six years ago because they wanted to help immigrant workers have more of a place in the labor movement. The center conducts outreach to help immigrant workers understand their rights and the steps they can take to enhance their status, security, and stability in the United States.

After years of nebulous discussion about achieving a “just transition” for workers shifting from laboring in a fossil fuel-based economy to a green energy-based one, a new report from the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s (Umass) Political Economy Research Institute now gives a clearer of view of what it will truly take to achieve such a transition in the Golden State.

Since her election to Alameda City Council in November 2016, Malia Vella has become a voice for labor and the union movement in local politics. Now, with her run to represent California State Assembly District 18, she has her sights set on bringing that voice to a larger platform.

Please note the regular election of officers of the San Francisco Building & Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO, will take place this July, pursuant to Article V of the Bylaws. Nominations will be taken orally, from the floor, at the first regular delegate meeting on July 1, 2021, at 5 p.m.

A building’s fire risk can be a looming, invisible threat until an ignition leads to a conflagration that claims lives and causes irreparable property damage.

When he began his career in labor and construction, Pat Mulligan didn’t necessarily envision himself as a future administrator in one of the nation’s most progressive offices of labor enforcement.

Building and trades union members are critical to maintaining the buildings and systems that power the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). Starting in mid-March 2020, these members have had a unique opportunity to make significant and uninterrupted repairs on everything from windows to sewage systems.

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